Wallangra Festival, March 28


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WirryCow Home Page

WirryCow are based in Armidale N.S.W., Australia:

Kez Watson, Steve Thorneycroft and Stephen Tafra combine their passions for a variety of musical genres in performing instrumental music from the Celtic and wider World Music domains.

We are currently working on an EP of all original tunes and arrangements. Have a look at our video page to hear the tunes getting an early airing at Black Dot Music store’s Red Rug Sessions.

Red Rug Session, Black Dot Music, 12 February 2014

Red Rug Session, Black Dot Music, 12 February 2014

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Good vibes

Did our first wedding today for a wonderful young couple, Grace and Tobie. Congratulations and best wishes guys, and thanks, it’s not every day a Celtic trio gets to play Daft Punk, we felt very lucky!

So many choices

We’ve almost got the EP choices done. All that is left now is to choose from Steve Thorneycroft’s tunes. As he set himself a tune-a-day challenge over January  we now have 31 tunes to pick from!


Although we’ve been pretty quiet, we’ve not been idle. The plan is to record a CD early in 2014 of traditional and original tunes. New tunes have been and are being written, traditional tunes are getting shortlisted. It’s a huge process but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Accordion Injury

My first accordion injury!

Kez starts WirryCow’s last tune-set at break-neck speed, which was fine except that we always purposely speed up in the last tune. The phrase ‘cracking pace’ springs to mind.

So, combine single-note quaver triplets at about MM=140 followed by octave leaps and a rapid bellows direction change and what do you get? A pulled neck muscle. Dangerous stuff this accordion playing!


The Ash Plant set claims another WirryCow victim on March 17!!!

It’s the tune set I tell you!

Kez AND Steve Th kick off the set at a reasonable pace, conscious of the injury caused to the other Stave last time. Steve Ta and his accordion survive the transition from the first to the second tune, with an effortless break into the third. The speed picks up (as usual) and all is well UNTIL…the plectrum flies from guitar Steve’s hand in the last round…